What is TCS On-Call Pick-up for corporate customers?

On-Call Pick-up is a TCS pick-up service for corporate and cash customers. It is available Saturday through Thursday for regular TCS services. TCS On-Call Pick-up service gives you the convenience of having your shipment picked up from your home or office. You can schedule a pick-up by calling 600565651 and alternatively you can email us at

What happens if the consignee is not available at home/delivery address?

If the consignee is not available at the given address, and the shipper has authorized us to deliver to the person available we will deliver the shipment and take down the signatures. However if it is office address then the shipment can be deliver without any authorization from shipper.

Does TCS UAE offer Holiday Service?

No, TCS UAE doesnot deliver on holidays.

In case a shipment is lost, will TCS be liable to give us the market value of the good that has been lost?

If the shipment is insured then yes, TCS is liable to pay the market value of the lost shipment. If the shipment is not insured, then the liability of TCS is limited as mentioned in the terms & conditions of carriage.

How much does TCS charge as insurance for goods?

Commodity-wide insurance rates vary, ranging from 3.5% to 5% of declared value of goods.

How does shipper know if his shipment is dutiable?

Each country establishes its own standards as to which goods are considered dutiable. For further details, please call us at 600565651 and alternatively you can email us at

What happens if an international shipment is pending and no new details are provided?

On all such pending shipments, the shipper will have to send new details within 3 working days from the date informed. If not, then shipper will have to abandon the shipment and it will be destroyed or disposed . However, shipper still remains liable for all additional costs (including duty and taxes).

If an international shipment is dutiable, how does it affect delivery times?

All shipments must go through a customs clearance procedure, which can affect transit times. Normally it takes 1 to 5 business days to clear shipments through customs. However, some items particularly unusual or high-value items are detained by customs for a longer period of time.

What happens in case a shipper wants to return an undelivered international shipment to the origin?

For all such shipments, a Return to Origin (RTO) request will be notified in writing by the shipper and all return or redirection duties, taxes billed at destination & RTO charges will be payable by the shipper.

How can I claim for my shipment?

All claims for international/domestic shipments must be submitted in writing to TCS within thirty (30) days from the date that TCS accepted the shipment, failing which TCS shall have no liability whatsoever.

In case an international shipment is not delivered on the first attempt will TCS make another attempt?

Yes, the courier will automatically attempt delivery to the address the next business day after calling and confirming and the delivery will be made before 6:00 PM. After two attempts, the package will be held at the local agent office until disposal arrangements are made.

Who pays duty on goods?

The consignee typically pays the duty charges. However, may also choose to pay them, which means he is requesting Delivery Duty Paid Service.

Does TCS consider all shipments as liability?

Every international shipment is transported on a limited liability basis as provided on the airway bill. TCS liability is strictly limited to direct loss. TCS maximum liability in the event of loss or damage to a shipment is US$100 or the value on the airway bill whichever is lesser.

What are the range of services and solutions provided by TCS?

To view our range of services, click the Services and Solutions tab on top of the TCS homepage.

How do I find out the domestic and international rates?

For domestic rates, use the Rate Calculator under Quick Start on homepage. Alternatively, follow the steps below for Domestic Express tariffs: The General Rate Sheet given in Domestic Express (under Express) section of Services Solutions on homepage. The Heavy Express Rate Sheet in Domestic Express (under Express) section of Services Solutions on homepage. Please note that the rates given are not final and are subject to changes. TCS will share the final rates at the time of pick-up.

Does TCS provide delivery details for all shipments?

TCS provides delivery details for all domestic and international shipments.

What is a Tracking/Air Waybill or Consignment Note Number?

Tracking / Air Waybill or Consignment Note Number is used by TCS to identify and track every shipment as it moves through the TCS network to its destination. TCS automatically assigns a tracking number to every shipment.

How can I track a shipment?

TCS provides the following options for you to track your shipments:

  1. Web Tracking
  2. Chat with a live agent using tool
  3. Chat with a live agent using ‘Talk To Us’ tool
  4. call us at 600565651 and alternatively you can email us at

Does TCS provide Shipment Status?

TCS delivers total service for complete customer satisfaction. From the moment the shipment is picked up to the precise minute it is delivered, TCS provides customers a complete shipment tracking status.

What does a status of Courier out for Delivery mean when checking the status of my shipment?

The status Courier out for Delivery in the tracking summary means that your shipment is on route for delivery and will be attempted for delivery the same day.

What events are recorded about the Shipment?

Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking label is scanned. Common scans include the following information:

  • Ship From
  • Ship To
  • Shipment Date
  • Shipment Note
  • Tracking Information

What will my detailed tracking response tell me?

Your detailed tracking response will list the following information:

  1. Tracking number 
  2. Delivery status 
  3. Delivery date and time 
  4. Location where the shipment was delivered 
  5. Date on which the shipment was shipped or billed 
  6. Type of TCS service used to deliver the shipment 
  7. Shipment weight

How long will an email response take?

A tracking response will be promptly returned to you by e-mail within 24 hours.

What does returned to Shipper mean when checking the status of my Shipment?

The status Returned to Shipper in the tracking summary means that the shipment was returned to the original shipper. Possible reasons for return include but are not limited to: shipment refused by the intended consignee, physical address not found by TCS, or unable to deliver after multiple delivery attempts.

How can I get in touch for any queries or customer support?

You can call us at 600565651 and alternatively you can email us at

How can I get in touch with you through social media?

You can send your queries through the following channels